..and the devil died screaming..a cyberpunk / dystopian book project

Welcome to my substack cyberpunk book project which will hopefully become a novel that I indie publish. Join me as the adventure unfolds for Walter, our main character.

Blurb in progress

In a time when we are witnessing the potential collapse of society and capitalism. When things seem to be escalating out of control. From climate crisis to pandemics. From unprovoked wars and the stripping away of basic rights and freedoms whilst handing over more to the corporations. When big tech knows more about us and what clicks our buttons than we do ourselves. This history of the future is a projection of what is to come, or could come if we do not do something about it.

Walter was a hacker, behavioural architect, designer, and programmer of virtual worlds. Worlds that are so highly defined that the gap between reality and virtual was hard to perceive. So much so that when the great catastrophe came big tech held out its hand to the human race and became its saviour, or so it seemed. And whilst the world stepped inside their Ultra-High reality pods and into a metaverse designed especially for them, the earth started to repair itself. As the network set about its real plan.

Will Walter do the right thing? Or is he too far gone with his mixture of programming, hacking, chasing the ultimate high, and the shamanic practices that he is lost in a world of solitude even to himself?

This cyberpunk novel takes a look back at our modern-day dysfunctional world through the lens of the future. Pulling apart the chaos architectures of control and manipulation as a warning bell from our future as a history of today.

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This is a live cyberpunk/dystopian book writing project. Copyright is protected. It is a first rough draft so I would love to hear any feedback from readers. When the book is launched all that are signed up for this substack project will be sent a free Kindle copy of the book as a thank you for subscribing.

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